Pillar5 Pharma History

Historical photo of group of Arnprior local citizens posed before wing of airplane

Arnprior site was built by Pfizer in 1956 when a group of local citizens chartered a plane and flew to New York to convince Pfizer that Arnprior was the perfect location to build an international manufacturing site.

Pillar5 Pharma purchased the site in 2009, and still maintains the foundation of quality and service instilled by Pfizer.

Photo of the main entrance of Pillar5 Pharma53 years later Pillar5 Pharma Inc. was founded in 2009 by a group of local investors and purchased the facility. An impressive Board of Directors was assembled comprised of individuals with years of experience and business successes. These Directors, who are now also P5 shareholders, came to us from other contract manufacturing organizations, both public and private, having previously held Senior Executive or Directorship positions.

Becoming an independent CMO and creating a sense of ownership through the introduction of profit sharing, has unleashed the true potential of this facility and the people while maintaining a foundation of excellence based on quality, service, and reliability. Since inception, Pillar5’s willingness to invest in change and innovation has resulted in a fifty percent growth rate.

We continuously look for ways to improve the speed, flexibility, and responsiveness with which we serve our customers. We always aim to provide creative solutions to today’s challenges which is why we are quickly becoming a success story among our competitors.

Today, our very experienced team is focused on combining that great foundation with speed, agility and responsiveness...providing our customers with a partner that they can count on.  Sterile Ophthalmic USA Canada North America Global Manufacturing Sterile Ophthalmic Contract Manufacturing Organization Sterile Ophthalmic FDA Approved Health Canada Gateway to Canada Eye and Ear Drops