As Pillar5 Pharma currently completes a major $11M expansion to their sterile ophthalmic suite, they are looking to partner with select companies for this capacity increase, which will include multi-dose preservative free (MDPF) capabilities.

Preservative free has experienced great growth in Europe and is currently in competition with Blow-Fill Seal. Preservative Free is more convenient and affordable compared to unit-dose as it has calibrated drops, one drop at a time. These devices have a one-way valve that ensure that no contaminated liquid can be re-introduced into the container after a drop has been dispensed.

This device is a preservative-free mutlidose system that avoids the need for preservatives in the product. As you are aware, the standard eye drop is sterile when it is packaged, but upon the first use, it is no longer sterile. Preservatives have been shown to be harmful to the eye and can cause irritation, discomfort, or dry eye which leads the patient to discontinue use of the product.